CMOS Camera

What is a CMOS Camera?

If you intend to know about the definition of a CMOS Camera for your application, then the knowledge about the image sensor technology is a must. An image sensor basically is a medium of detecting and conveying imaging information. Broadly, two types of image sensor technologies are available in the market today. CCD Sensors CMOS…

Sony Presents Starvis and Pregius Trademarks

Sony, the global leader in machine vision and industrial imaging sensors, unveiled the trademarks for its latest CMOS sensor technologies, Starvis and Pregius. Both technologies are the result of years of continued innovation and deep research in taking camera vision to the next level and provide new levels of clarity and detail to imaging.


Sony Image Sensor Growth Strategy

Being an innovation leader in machine vision and imaging devices, Sony needs to respond to the latest advancements in cutting-edge machine vision technology and introduce products that serve the growing needs of its customers for world-class imaging performance. Earlier this year, Sony held a corporate strategy meeting where the growth strategy for its devices business…

The Sony IMX253 Sensor Review

Sony’s Exmor Pregius IMX253 is a 12.3 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor with the industry’s lowest global shutter function. It is built for machine vision applications to serve industrial use for inspection, testing, quality assurance and more. Sony IMX253 achieves high performance with its CMOS technology, offering lower operational cost than most cameras in the 12…