What is Gigabit Ethernet

You might have come across the word “Gigabit Ethernet” being the common networking methods broadly used in local area networks. If not, then after reading this piece of content about what is gigabit ethernet you will be all aware of this term as well as related stuff like what is Gigabit Ethernet port used for,…

LR 8K Linescan camera

Introducing the LR-8K CMOS Line Scan Camera

Redefine ultra-high resolution for machine vision and high-speed imaging   Line scan cameras have a wide range of applications for businesses today. From flat panels to print and paper rolls, solar cells, satellite imaging and more, line scan cameras help businesses in high-speed environments where objects are continuously moving. Where is a line scan camera…

CMOS Camera

What is a CMOS Camera?

If you intend to know what is a CMOS camera then first you need to know the definition of a CMOS Camera for your application, then the knowledge about the image sensor technology is a must. An image sensor basically is a medium of detecting and conveying imaging information. Broadly, two types of image sensor…

Sony Presents Starvis and Pregius Trademarks

Sony, the global leader in machine vision and industrial imaging sensors, unveiled the trademarks for its latest CMOS sensor technologies, Starvis and Pregius. Both technologies are the result of years of continued innovation and deep research in taking camera vision to the next level and provide new levels of clarity and detail to imaging.