Cameras for Inspection & Automation


Area-scan, line-scan cameras, and polarized sensor options

Our cameras are used in a wide range of inspection and automation applications. High-speed cameras offer new opportunities for those looking to achieve higher productivity, better quality or safety control, or to improve automation tasks.

We offer area-scan and line-scan cameras to answer all your inspection and automation requirements. Our area-scan cameras utilize the latest sensors from Sony, AMS, and Gpixel. Features include high resolution, low noise, and high frame rates. Our line-scan cameras come with a horizontal image resolution of 8192 effective pixels and a line rate of Single Line – 137KHz, Trilinear – 45KHz for the 10 GigE PACE cameras, and a line rate of: Single Line – 200KHz, Trilinear – 66KHz for the 25 GigE ACCEL LB-8K camera. **


  • Semiconductor wafers inspection
  • Solar panels inspection
  • LCD/display panels inspection
  • Robotics / Pick and place
  • Raw material surface inspection
Automation with machine vision
Industrial Inspection
Printing Inspection

Polarized sensor options

We also offer polarized sensor options with our HR/HT-5000-S and HR/HT-12000-S models. Polarized image sensors offer improved brightness and color, and can also capture details, which cannot be detected by normal image sensor in applications such as glass inspection, tablet filling inspection, distortion inspection, and reflection removal.

GigE Vision compliant

All our 10 GigE and 25 GigE cameras are GigE Vision and GenIcam compliant for low-cost and simplified integration into any system. Features include synchronized image capture of a high-speed event at under 1µs using PTP 1588, <1% CPU utilization, and flexible fiber connection for cable lengths up to 10KM via our high performance SFP+ and SFP28 interfaces.

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