Virtual Reality Cameras

Virtual reality

Wide range of options for flawless high-speed capture

Whether you are looking for a high-speed camera for volumetric capture, 3D mapping, or to capture a scene for your virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality application, we have the camera solution to fit your needs.

Our 10 GigE and 25 GigE camera models are designed to increase both the quality and the efficiency of any VR, AR or MR production. They utilize the latest sensors from Sony, AMS, and Gpixel. Features include high resolution and low noise for excellent image quality, and high frame rates and multi-camera synchronization of sub 1 microsecond for high-speed capture.


  •  Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Mixed reality
  • Volumetric capture
  • 3D mapping
Virtual reality

3x bandwidth
Our solutions offer three times the bandwidth than competing products. This means that we have customers routinely running eight and sometimes as many as 14 10GigE cameras per server where competitors would need three or four servers to achieve the same result. This results in simpler and lower cost integration.

Up to 10KM cable length
Our cameras feature three types of connections: SFP+ (10 GigE HR-Series) and SFP28 (25 GigE BOLT Series), which allow users to use fiber for long cable lengths up to 10KM. For those who are more familiar with the RJ45 connection, our HT-Series (10 GigE) can run affordable CAT6A cables up to 100M.

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