Interface Cables

We offer a selection of interface cables from SFP+ fiber to CAT6A and SFP28 to use with our 10 GigE and 25 GigE cameras.

Interface cables

10 GigE: HR-Series, HT-Series, and PACE Series

HR-Series and PACE series: Direct attach cables are available for applications up to 10M, while fiber cables are available for longer distance applications (up to 10KM). HT-Series: CAT6A cable is available (up to 100M).


25 GigE BOLT Series and ACCEL Series

Three options are available for the 25 GigE SFP28 BOLT and ACCEL Series: The first option utilizes SFP28 multi-mode fiber modules/transceivers and LC-LC multi-mode fiber cables for cable lengths rom 1M to 70M.

The second option utilizes SFP28 single-mode fiber modules/transceivers and LC-LC single-mode fiber cables for cable lengths ranging from 1M to 10KM.

The third option utilizes low-cost direct attach for cable lengths between 1 and 5 meters.

Power supplies and GPIO accessories are also available to our customers for easy setup and use with our cameras.

10 GigE and 25 GigE cameras for a variety of applications

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