Power and I/O

We provide certified power supplies and GPIO accessories for easy setup and use with our cameras.

Power Adapters

The power supplies are tested to be of the highest quality and are thus very good at blocking line power transients to better protect your camera investment.

Available options are:

  • Power Adapter (PWR)
  • Power Adapter w/GPIO Breakout (PWR_BREAK)
  • Power Adapter w/Birger EF Mount support (PWR_BIRGER)
  • Power Adapter w/Birger EF Mount support w/GPIO Breakout (PWR_BREAK_BIRGER)
  • GPIO Breakout Cable (GPIO_BREAK)

For further information please refer to the Camera User’s Manual in our Resources section.

10 GigE, 25 GigE, 50 GigE, and 100 GigE cameras for a variety of applications

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