Area-Scan Cameras

As the 10 GigE and 25 GigE specialist we have a wide range of area-scan cameras to match your high-speed application needs from Sports Broadcasting to Inspection & Automation, ITS, 3D Mapping, Research & Development, and Virtual Reality. Browse through our range below to learn more or get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

What makes our Area-Scan Cameras different?

We have been shipping high-speed cameras for over ten years and take responsibility for the complete solution by developing technologies to keep the server-side CPU utilization and latency to incredibly low levels. For this, we leverage technologies such as Mellanox’s VMA and Rivermax and Cspi’s MVA to offload all packet processing to the NICs. This results in less than 1% CPU utilization and approximately only 100us added latency.

Our cameras feature connector options such as RJ45 and SFP+ (10GigE), and SFP28 (25GigE). They offer multiple options to cover the cable length requirements of all applications. Options include direct attach copper and single and multi mode modules transceivers for cable lengths ranging from 1 meter and up to 10 kilometers.

10 GigE Area-Scan Cameras

Our 10 GigE area-scan cameras from the HR-Series and HT-Series offer resolutions from 2 to 50 Megapixels and frame rates to 338 fps at full resolution. They feature the latest CMOS sensors from Sony (Sony Pregius) and AMS.

25 GigE Area-Scan Cameras

Our 25 GigE area-scan cameras offer resolutions from 0.5 to 65 Megapixels and frame rates to 1594 fps at full resolution. They feature the latest CMOS sensors from Sony (Sony Pregius), AMS, and Gpixel.

10 GigE and 25 GigE cameras for a variety of applications

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