• Free viewer software package
  • Control all camera functions for preview, capture and save
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • GenICam compliant
eCapture Viewer Software

Our free viewer software package eCapture provides control of all camera functions for preview, capture and save. Advanced functions include Area Of Interest (AOI), integration control, and standard pre-processing such as brightness, gamma, frame rate control and many more.

eCapture also allows for remote firmware upgrades which maximizes your up-time while keeping you up-to-date on the latest features from Emergent. eCapture is GenICam compliant and designed to meet the needs for machine vision users.

The eCapture software solution also provides <1% CPU overhead for Windows and Linux when capturing a 9Gbps image stream from the cameras directly to application buffers.

Features include:

  • Real Time Preview and Capture
  • Full control of Emergent Vision Technologies Cameras
  • IP Configuration Settings
  • Remote Firmware Upgrades
  • GenICam Camera Feature Controls
  • Custom GenICam XML Load
  • Recording
  • Drawing Tools
  • LUT Utility
  • File Saving

10 GigE, 25 GigE, 50 GigE, and 100 GigE cameras for a variety of applications