What is 25 GigE Technology?

Ultra high data/frame rates

The maximum bandwidth available for 25GigE is 25Gbps or 3,125 Mbytes/s with a usable bandwidth around 24.5Gbps or 3,062 Mbytes/s. Our 25GigE cameras feature a SFP28 interface for ultra-high performance. Our 25 GigE area-scan camera models offer resolutions from 0.5 to 50 Megapixels, and frame rates up to 1594.7 fps at full resolution, as well as network support and accurate multi-camera synchronization using IEEE1588.

Our 25 GigE line-scan cameras provide a horizontal image resolution of 8192 effective pixels and a line rate of 200KHz (single line) and 66KHz (trilinear).

Because all our 25 GigE cameras are GigE Vision compliant they can be used with standard hardware and cables for simpler and lower cost integration compared to other high-speed interfaces such as CoaxPress (Quad CXP-6).

<1% CPU utilization

We have been shipping the highest speed Ethernet cameras for over 7 years and have become the market leader in this space. We take responsibility for the complete solution by developing technologies to keep the server-side CPU utilization and latency to incredibly low levels. For this, we leverage technologies such as Mellanox’s VMA and Rivermax and Cspi’s MVA to offload all packet processing to the Network Interface Cards (NICs). This results in less than 1% CPU utilization and approximately only 100μs added latency.


Cable options up to 10KM

The 25GigE SFP28 interface provides three options to cover the cable length requirements of all applications. The first option utilizes SFP28 multi-mode fiber modules/transceivers and LC-LC multi-mode fiber cables for cable lengths rom 1M to 70M. The second option utilizes SFP28 single-mode fiber modules/transceivers and LC-LC single-mode fiber cables for cable lengths ranging from 1M to 10KM. The third option utilizes low-cost direct attach for cable lengths between 1 and 5 meters.

10 GigE and 25GigE cameras for a variety of applications

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