What is 50 GigE Technology?

50GigE is one of the successors to the highly successful 25GigE technology. Logically, 50GigE is twice the speed of 25GigE. The maximum bandwidth available for 50GigE is 50Gbps or 6,250 Mbytes/s, which is the industry’s second fastest single link solution behind 100GigE.

GigE Vision compliant

50GigE is managed/produced by the IEEE 802.3 working group. The standard is used in applications such as telecom, data communications, industrial, military, etc, and now we leverage the benefits of this globally accepted cross-industry technology for machine vision applications.

All our 50GigE cameras are GigE Vision compliant and can be used with standard hardware and cables for an easy and low cost integration.

Benefits of 50GigE for your application

  • Ultra high data/frame rates
  • Many accessory and cabling options to cover any length
  • Camera network support and accurate multi-camera synchronization methods including PTP support
  • Multicast video technology
  • Low CPU overhead, low latency, and low jitter
  • Highest camera count per PC performance
  • Very competitive cost/performance
  • Industry acceptance due to IEEE and AIA standardization

50GigE and 100GigE cameras for a variety of applications

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