2019 Year in Review: Sony Pregius S, Polarsens and more

As 2019 is coming to an end it’s time to take a look back at what happened at Emergent Vision Technologies this year, from new camera models in both our 10 and 25GigE series to the awards we won.

New high-speed cameras

HR and HB models with C-mount

New 10 GigE cameras with Sony Polarized Image Sensors
In March 2019 we added four camera models featuring Sony’s Polarsens technology to our HR and HT series of cameras with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface: The 5 Megapixel HR-5000-S and HT-5000-S series (Sony IMX250MYR / MZR), and the 12 Megapixel HR-12000-S and HT-12000-S series (Sony IMX253MYR / MZR). Polarized image sensors offer improved brightness and color, and can also capture details, which cannot be detected by normal image sensor in applications such as glass inspection, tablet filling inspection, distortion inspection, and reflection removal.

Read more: https://emergentvisiontec.com/new-high-speed-hr-and-and-series-10-gige-cameras-with-sony-polarized-image-sensors/

BOLT 25 GigE Cameras Series now featuring Gpixel CMOS Sensors
Emergent Vision Technologies also added three camera models to our BOLT Series in March 2019. The HB-5000-G, HB-9000-G, and HB-25000-G respectively feature the GMAX2505, GMAX2509, and GMAX0505 CMOS sensors by Gpixel. These models offer 5, 9 and 25 megapixels, and up to 292 frames per second.

These new sensors are part of a new family of global shutter sensors designed to address high-speed industrial needs. Benefits include high resolution, high speed, high dynamic range, and low noise, which makes them very suitable for 25GigE.

Read more: https://emergentvisiontec.com/emergent-vision-technologies-announce-25gige-cameras-with-sony-pregius-s-imx530-imx531-and-imx532-cmos-sensors/

Sony Pregius S Sensors added to 25GigE BOLT Series
October 2019 welcomed the addition of the new HB-16000-SB, HB-20000-SB, and HB-25000-SB cameras featuring the Sony Pregius S IMX530, IMX531, and IMX532 CMOS sensors to our BOLT series. Combined with Sony Pregius S’ proprietary back-illuminated pixel structure, these new BOLT camera models deliver increased sensitivity, and quantum efficiency, as well as double the frame rate as previous generations.

Read more: https://emergentvisiontec.com/emergent-vision-technologies-announce-25gige-cameras-with-sony-pregius-s-imx530-imx531-and-imx532-cmos-sensors/


BOLT HB-30000 wins NAB Award 2019

BOLT HB-30000-S Camera Wins 2019 NAB Show Product of the Year
Back in April the new 30 megapixel BOLT HB-30000-S won best new “Cameras, Camera Support and Accessories” in the 2019 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards. These were the first official awards to recognize innovative new products showcased by Exhibitors at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Read more: https://emergentvisiontec.com/emergent-vision-technologies-adds-gpixel-cmos-sensors-to-bolt-25gige-cameras-series/

New website

This very website was relaunched in September 2019 to provide easier access to products and resources and offer improved user experience. Visit the downloads and resources section to get our product datasheets, software, white papers, frame rate calculators, 3D drawings, and more.

2020 promises to be another exciting year in the world of high-speed cameras and their applications. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter to get the latest product and event news delivered to your inbox.