High-Speed Imaging Applications

Emergent Vision Technologies offers a range of zero-data-loss, turnkey imaging technologies including 10GigE area scan cameras and 10GigE line scan cameras, 25GigE area scan cameras and 25GigE line scan cameras, and 100GigE area scan cameras and 100GigE line scan cameras. In addition, Emergent offers 10GigE, 25GigE, and 100GigE network interface cards and eCapture Pro software, along with imaging accessories from cables to lens mounts all designed to allow you to get the most from your high-speed imaging systems. Check out the following application areas to learn more.

Sports and Entertainment

Our cameras are deployed into a wide range of sports and entertainment imaging applications such as broadcast, instant replay, biometrics, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and volumetric capture and metaverse systems.

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Inspection and Automation

Our zero-data-loss machine vision cameras offer the speeds and resolutions needed for today’s inspection and automation applications, ranging from process optimization to flat panel display inspection.

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AI and Deep Learning

Deep learning is a valuable tool in the machine vision toolbox that aids in subjective inspection decisions. Emergent offers an ecosystem of cameras, peripherals, plug and play software and GPU plug-in technology to accelerate your high-performance developments.

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Aerial Imaging and Mapping

Drones equipped with high speed, high resolutions serve a multitude of purposes when it comes to aerial imaging and mapping applications, from precision agriculture to infrastructure monitoring. Emergent offers a range of proven GigE Vision cameras that target such tasks.

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ITS Traffic

From highway monitoring to open-road tolling and law enforcement, machine vision and high-speed cameras offer many benefits for ITS and traffic applications to deliver reliable and high quality image data under the most challenging conditions.

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