A solution to the challenges of outdoor imaging

From highway monitoring to open-road tolling and law enforcement, machine vision and high-speed cameras offer many benefits for intelligent transportation (ITS) and traffic applications to deliver reliable and high quality image data under the most challenging conditions.

Almost every imaging application related to transportation and traffic is outdoors. With especially tough conditions from darkness to bright sun light with strong shadows, our cameras offer low noise image signals even under low light conditions, high dynamic range for scenes with bright sunlight and shadows simultaneously, as well as smear-free captures of even fast moving objects.

  • Open Road Tolling
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Law-Enforcement
  • Monitoring and Transportation
  • Rail and Road
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In the surveillance of large areas, like a section of a highway, it is important to adapt the lens to environmental conditions and to the current area of interest. Therefore, all our cameras can be equipped with a lens mount adapter to control the focus and iris control through our software API using the Birger lens mount.

Besides the lighting conditions, outdoor applications are typically characterized by multiple remotely installed cameras and a central unit for processing and storage of the data. Our Bolt 25GigE camera series can stream high-resolution images of up to 65 megapixels with 35 frames per second over optical fiber lines of up to 10 km length. The networked video capabilities of 25GigE allow for the simultaneous processing, storage and display of multiple camera streams distributed simply via ubiquitous state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

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Model Chroma Resolution Frame Rate Interface Sensor Name Pixel Size
HR-12000-M Mono 12MP 84fps 10GigE SFP+ AMS CMV12000 5.5×5.5µm
HR-12000-C Color 12MP 84fps 10GigE SFP+ AMS CMV12000 5.5×5.5µm
HR-50000-M Mono 50MP 23fps 10GigE SFP+ AMS CMV50000 4.6×4.6µm
HR-50000-C Color 50MP 23fps 10GigE SFP+ AMS CMV50000 4.6×4.6µm

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