Emergent 100GigE Machine Vision Technology Featured in inVISION Magazine

Emergent 100GigE Machine Vision Technology Featured in inVISION Magazine

Nearly a decade after releasing the first 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GigE) cameras to the market, Emergent Vision Technologies has become the first camera company to launch 25GigE more than five years ago, and now a 100GigE camera product line. Through a combination of the latest Gpixel image sensor advancements and a high-speed 100GigE QSFP28 transceiver module, these 100GigE Vision cameras represent the zenith of machine vision interfaces.

In the cover story of the first-ever English edition of inVISION magazine, John Ilett, president and CTO of Emergent Vision Technologies, takes a deep dive into the various benefits of 100GigE technology, including speeds, server utilization, system architecture, cable length, and processing. He also covers the new HZ-10000-G camera, which delivers 1000 fps at full 10 MP resolution, as well as Emergent’s own 25GigE and 100GigE network interface cards with front port triggers for greater flexibility.

The article also covers the latest developments in 25GigE technology, including the forthcoming Bolt HB-127S — a 127.7 MP camera capable of 19.9 fps and the bleeding edge Pinnacle LZ-16KG5 16K 400KHz line scan camera. In addition, Ilett highlights the company’s new comprehensive eCapture Pro software package, which simplifies development and integration of the world’s highest-performance cameras, of which there are currently hundreds of models to choose from, without the long lead times of other vendors.

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