Emergent Introduces High-Speed Imaging System Designer Tool

High-Speed Imaging System Designer Tool

Emergent Vision Technologies’ new interactive system designer tool allows site visitors to browse through our comprehensive offering of GigE cameras, lenses, cables, network interface cards (NICs), and software to find the best hit for each high-speed imaging application.

Camera Selector

In the camera selector tool, users can toggle through a comprehensive set of options, including camera resolution, frame rate, resolution width, resolution height, and chroma, plus interface options including 10GigE SFP+, 10GigE 10GBaseT, 25GigE SFP28, and 100GigE QSFP28. Users can also toggle through options such as lens mount, pixel size, sensor size, quantum efficiency, pixel format, bit depth, dynamic range, and signal to noise. Selecting the desired options produces a list of appropriate cameras and their corresponding specifications.

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Lens Selector

In the lens selector tool, users begin by choosing sensor details, including format, model, width, and height. From there, users can designate object width, object height, object distance, and focal length. They can also filter selections by manufacturer, aperture max, and lens mount to see a range of suitable lens options for their GigE cameras.

Emergent Lense Selector

Cable, NIC, and Software Selector

Coming soon will be interactive selector tools for cables, NICs, and software. Options will include:

  • Cables: 100GigE QSFP28, 25GigE SFP28, and 10GigE SFP+, including fiber/fiber transceivers, direct attach, and CAT6A options, all of which are Emergent certified and tested
  • NICs: 100GigE QSFP28 (PCIe Gen3 or Gen4 x16, single or dual port), 25GigE SFP28 (PCIe Gen3 x8, dual or quad port), and 10GigE SFP+ (PCIe Gen3 x8, dual or quad port)
  • Software: eCapture Pro full-featured application software, eCapture (free eCapture Pro), and eSDK free software developer kit with source code examples, plus Windows/Linux support

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