Now Supporting NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™

Emergent Vision Technologies, the pioneer in high-speed ethernet camera technology, have announced that their eCapture and eSDK camera software now support NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™.

The Jetson AGX Xavier™ is a 105 mm x 105 mm x 65 mm module that brings AI advancements to autonomous machines. As the world’s first computer designed specifically for autonomous machines, Jetson AGX Xavier™ has the performance to handle visual odometry, sensor fusion, localization and mapping, obstacle detection, and path planning algorithms critical to next-generation robots.

Fully compatible with all Emergent cameras

The Jetson AGX Xavier™ can be easily used with all Emergent cameras by using Mellanox ConnectX5 NICs to form a hardware solution for autonomous machine applications such as delivery and logistics robots, factory systems, drones, and large industrial UAVs.

Supporting NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™

About eCapture and eSDK

eCapture is a free viewer software package that provides control of all camera functions for preview, capture and save.

eSDK allows end-users, system integrators, or OEMs to integrate their Emergent Vision Technologies cameras into their own software and equipment. eSDK is available with concise API commands to facilitate simple integration with custom software for Windows® and Linux® Based Systems.