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  • case study: 3d scanning system brings digital characters to life 3d digital capture system for scanning

Case Study: 3D Scanning System Brings Digital Characters to Life

Advancements in visual effects (VFX) have led to a digital transformation in the entertainment industry and changed the way we consume media. Bringing these digital characters, objects, and environments to life in movies, television shows, and video games today starts [...]

October 4, 2023|Resources|
  • webinar: a high speed gige vision machine vision camera ecosystem screen shot 2023 07 27 at 11.15.55 am

Webinar: A High-Speed GigE Vision Machine Vision Camera Ecosystem

As customer needs grow and businesses look for ways to maintain or increase throughput, enhance efficiency, and drive revenue, industrial automation technologies become increasingly important. High-speed inspections, for example, require machine vision cameras capable of handling the necessary speed [...]

July 19, 2023|Resources|
  • Emergent high-speed 10GigE and 25GigE Vision cameras

Launch Into the Metaverse With Our Volumetric Capture System

With widespread adoption of immersive digital world technologies looming, companies must have a means for entering the metaverse. Metaverse curiosity continues to grow as the notion steadily shifts from concept into real-world application. Across different markets and industries, [...]

September 8, 2022|Resources|