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Turnkey Performance Camera Systems Available

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At Emergent, we can integrate and ship turnkey performance systems involving multiple machine vision cameras, multiple servers, GPUs, FPGA cards, SSDs, Switches, etc., designed to your specifications. This is suitable for rapid prototyping of your performance algorithms as well as for general deployed systems. One could take the turnkey system and test the performance and even prototype your custom GPU algorithms like AI and deep learning, inference, pattern matching, 3D reconstruction, Gaussian Splatting, H.265, compression, etc. One could also work with the saved images with software such as NERF (neural radiance fields), RealityCapture, Theia Markerless, Agisoft, etc. For completely custom solutions, one can use our eSDK with all the same performance benefits.

Pattern Matching

The below video shows how easily one can create and prototype an algorithm to perform high quality pattern matching while only writing your custom GPU Cuda code.

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The below video shows how easily one can add and test their own trained inference model to perform detection and classification of arbitrary objects. Simply train your model with PyTorch or Tensor Flow and add this to your own eCapture Pro plug-in. Then instantiate the plug-in, connect to your desired camera and click run – it does not get easier than this.

With well trained models, inference applications can be developed and deployed with many Emergent cameras on a single PC with a couple of GPUs using Emergent’s GPUDirect functionality – nobody does performance applications like Emergent.

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Polarization cameras like the HR-12000-S-P and HR-5000-S-P can be used in applications in which reflected and transmitted scenes must be separated. This can be useful to detect surface defects like dirt, bumps, dips, scratches and bends.
Emergent has developed a plug-in for eCapture Pro which uses GPU DIrect to get the images directly onto a GPU with zero copy and zero loss technology. The plug-in includes options to review the benefits of the characteristic outputs of a standard polarized processing pipeline such as Degree of Polarization, Direction or Angle of Polarization. You can even remove the polarized light or select to output one of the 4 orientation options such as 0 deg, 45 deg, 90 deg, 135 deg. Some target markets/applications for these cameras are Inspection, Semiconductor, ITS, Security, Automotive, AR/VR, Research and Medical.
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Custom Plug-in Development

In this short clip we illustrate the process whereby customers can create their own custom plug-ins which can be subsequently loaded in eCapture Pro and real time results generated. We note that any plug-in can be fed my one or multiple cameras for testing total system throughput towards achieving maximum system density.

Multi-Camera Systems

One system which was recently shipped involved 3 servers and 48 Emergent Bolt HB-25000-SB-C 25GigE cameras running at 25MP and 60fps. See the video in-line for the initial software experience. This system records and saves 200Gbps (25GB) per server for a total of 600Gbps (75GB) across all 3 servers with ZERO data loss thanks to Emergent’s ZERO copy technology. All cameras are also synchronized to sub 1 microsecond through IEEE 1588 PTP v2. Our eCapture Pro software and eSDK are the glue to hold it all together. Simply connect the cables, power up, and run the software. In just a few clicks you will see your data come to life. Another such system has a single server with 36 Emergent HR-12000-SB-C 10GigE cameras running at 12MP and 60fps. We even provide stands and lighting where desired. Another video shows a system developed to perform high performance H.265 compression for storage of images to small SSDs as well as supporting RTMP for sending images to RTMP clients on the internet.

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The above technology and services is also applicable to lower end systems such as NVIDIA Orin, Xavier, Clara AGX, etc. The above is also application to OEMs, system integrators, end-users, etc.

See the video in-line below for the initial software experience.

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One can use our eSDK with all the same performance benefits. For inference applications, you can train your models with  PyTorch or Tensor Flow and then with a few clicks test them with an Emergent camera in eCapture Pro using our unique plug-in feature.
This technology is applicable to all Emergent cameras and all of the following applications
  • Sports and entertainment applications like the Metaverse, 3D reconstruction, full-body and facial scanning, biomechanics, analytics, motion analysis, stadium, training, etc.
  • Industrial inspection and automation applications like automotive, electronics and Semiconductor, food and beverage and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Agriculture and smart farming using aerial imaging drones, for example
  • Logistics and warehouse applications like factory automation
  • Medical and life sciences applications
  • Machine vision inspection systems such as those in AOI, flat panel inspection, surface inspection, and print inspection
  • IoT, Industry 4.0

Another video shows a system developed to perform high performance H.265 compression for storage of images to small SSDs as well as supporting RTMP for sending images to RTMP clients on the internet.

Emergent is a partner of NVIDIA and has been working with NVIDIA and Mellanox technology since 2015.

About Emergent Vision Technologies

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Here is a recap of what Emergent is all about…

  • 10+ Awards for innovation and pioneering the high speed GigE Vision imaging movement
  • 10+ years shipping 10GigE cameras with more than 140 models
  • 5+ years shipping 25GigE cameras with more than 55 models
  • 2+ years shipping 100GigE cameras with more than 16 models
  • Camera technology performance leader
  • Focused on high-speed Ethernet/GigE Vision
  • Focused on enabling the processing of high-speed image data
  • Area scan and Line scan models
  • UV, NIR, Polarized, Color, Mono models for multispectral applications
  • Emergent eSDK for full application flexibility
  • Emergent eCapture Pro for a highly comprehensive software solution
  • Most comprehensive range of product and support for high-speed imaging applications
  • Any speed, any resolution, any cable length
  • Available NOW!

We are a multi-award winning company with a focus on high speed GigE Vision product.

We have many years shipping product ranging in speeds from 10GigE up to 100GigE.

We have a strong focus on providing end-to-end technologies and support for our customers applications.

We can fulfill most application needs.

Lastly, products presented are available now.

Adoption of 10GigEVision and Higher

Here is a quick snapshot of the adoption of GigEVision products ranging in speeds from 10GigE up to 100GigE. Emergent has shown how top performance can be achieved and opened up many markets including machine vision to the use of such technologies. Some companies are just now leveraging our efforts toward releasing 25G and higher speed products but still a ways to go to release ratified and performance products.

Adoption of 10GigEVision and Higher

Figure: Emergent Vision Technologies is the first provider of cameras based on 10GigE, 25GigE, 50GigE, and 100GigE interfaces.