3DBODY.TECH Conference & Expo

3D Body.Tech Expo

October 17 – 18 | We are thrilled to announce that we will be participating in the 14th annual 3DBody.TECH Conference & Expo. As a leading innovator in the field, we will be unveiling our cutting-edge advancements in high-speed volumetric capturing. This includes our award-winning solution, the eCapturePro Recording & Reconstruction software, which has been recognized for its excellence in the industry. At Emergent, we’re not just about providing state-of-the-art technology. We’re about helping you build your vision. Our services encompass the setup of comprehensive capturing studios, equipped with up to several hundred cameras, all without any restrictions on recording length. Join us at the expo and experience firsthand the power and potential of our technologies. At Emergent, we’re capturing the future, today.

October 17 – 18 | Lugano Convention Centre | Lugano, Switzerland

3DBody.TECH Conference & Expo.

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