Discover Our New High-Speed Cameras and Volumetric Capture Software at VISION 2022

Machine vision experts and end users from around the world will once again gather in Stuttgart, Germany, at the VISION trade fair this October 4–6. In booth 8D60, Emergent Vision Technologies will showcase its latest award-winning 10, 25, and 100GigE cameras, volumetric capture software, and high-speed imaging accessories.

NEW: 100GigE 10MP Camera Capable of 1000fps

Included in the exhibit will be the new Zenith HZ-10000-G 100GigE camera, which features Gpixel’s GSPRINT4510 10MP CMOS image sensor and a frame rate of up to 1000fps via 100GigE QSFP28 interface. A recent 2022 NAB Product of the Year winner in the Cameras category, the HZ-10000-G camera is offered in monochrome and color versions, providing customers in areas such as machine vision and sports technology imaging with a reliable, high-speed camera that can help solve difficult imaging challenges with its ultra-high frame rate and resolution.

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NEW: Volumetric Capture and 3D Reconstruction Software

Visitors can also learn about the new eCapture Pro volumetric software, which won a 2022 NAB Product of the Year award in the Camera Support, Control, and Accessories category. For those looking to build metaverse and volumetric capture stages, motion capture systems, or other immersive 3D content applications, the new software provides several benefits. These include turnkey integration, camera setting flexibility, advanced preview and recording capabilities, synchronized capture to microsecond accuracy, and calibration, background, and production take management capabilities.

The software also delivers advanced playback functionality for spatial and time domains, camera calibration with auto camera position detection, integrated 3D reconstruction and texturing, an Unreal/Unity plugin for streaming models, and more.

NEW: High-Resolution Area Scan, Line Scan Models

Show attendees can also learn about new high-resolution models at our booth, including the Zenith HZ-150-G 100GigE camera (monochrome and color, 152MP, 16fps), the Bolt HB-127S (monochrome and color, 127.7MP, 19.9fps). In addition, visitors explore the new Pinnacle series of 100GigE line scan cameras, which includes monochrome and color options, 9K 256 TDI and 16Kx16 resolution sensors, and line rates up to 608KHz.

Several new models have also been added to the 10GigE Pace and 25GigE Accel series of line-scan cameras as well, including TDI line-scan models (9K 256 TDI), 4Kx2, 8Kx4, 16Kx2, and 16Kx16 to suit disparate imaging needs, from web inspection to PCB inspection.

In Stock and Shipping TODAY

For systems integrators and OEMs looking for additional high-speed cameras now, Emergent Vision Technologies will have information on 10GigE, 25GigE, 50GigE, and 100GigE high-speed cameras currently IN STOCK and/or READY TO SHIP. This includes:

  • HR-12000-S10GigE area-scan camera with Sony IMX253 12MP CMOS sensor that reaches up to 80fps. Available in monochrome, color, and polarized versions.
  • HB-25000-SB25GigE area-scan camera with Sony S IMX530 24.47MP CMOS sensor that reaches up to 98fps. Available in monochrome and color versions
  • HZ-100-G:100GigE area-scan camera Gpixel GMAX32103 100MP CMOS sensor that reaches up to 24fps. Available in monochrome and color versions

Contact us today with your high-speed imaging or volumetric capture questions or challenges at [email protected].

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