Emergent Vision Technologies Launches Pinnacle TLZ-9KG5 100GigE Camera With Gpixel GLT5009BSI 9K 256 TDI Sensor

127.7 MP 25GigE Camera

PORT COQUITLAM, British Columbia — June 30, 2023 — Emergent Vision Technologies, a pioneer in high-speed GigE Vision cameras and zero-data-loss vision technologies, introduces a new 100GigE line scan camera, the Pinnacle TLZ-9KG5. Through its 100GigE QSFP28 interface, the camera reaches a top single line rate of 608 kHz.

The camera features the 9K, 256-stage time delay integration (TDI) Gpixel GLT5009BSI CMOS sensor with a 5×5 µm pixel size and a 45.36 mm sensor scanning width. Both GigE Vision and GenICam compliant, the camera supports cable lengths from 1M up to 10KM without costly fiber converters/repeaters. Additionally, the 100GigE camera provides advanced line scan features including internal rotary or linear encoder support and features an M52 mount, 1 µs–1 s exposure/integration time, 66 dB dynamic range, flat shading and spatial corrections, and Windows and Linux O/S compatibility.

“Applications in industries including food and beverage, printing and packaging, steel, and pharmaceutical see materials moving at high speeds that must be inspected for quality assurance,” said John Ilett, president and CTO at Emergent Vision Technologies. “These machine vision applications require ultra-high speeds, superior image quality, and no data loss for maximum throughput. Our 100GigE line scan cameras address these challenging needs.” 

Get the Most Out of Your High-Speed Vision System

To help end users get the most out of their high-speed 100GigE cameras, Emergent Vision Technologies offers a series of network interface cards (NICs). They deliver optimal camera performance for any video stream with minimal system memory utilization, along with the absolute lowest latency and jitter. Zeus NICs are available in single (PCIe Gen3x16) or dual-port (PCIe Gen4x16) models with a 100GigE QSFP interface and feature a 5V front-panel trigger input for added flexibility, along with support for the GigE Vision Stream Protocol (GVSP), Windows and Linux operating systems, GPUDirect, and camera multiplexing and multicasting with switches. 

“A dual-port Zeus NIC can support two of our 100GigE TLZ-9KG5 line scan cameras, while a competing solution would require the use of multiple frame grabbers,” said Ilett. “Keep system cost and complexity down while getting the highest possible frame rates available in the market today.” 

Like all other Emergent line scan cameras, the TLZ-9KG5 is also supported by off-the-shelf NICs from Mellanox (NVIDIA) and Broadcom for comparable performance. 

Emergent Vision Technologies has been shipping 10GigE for more than 10 years, 25GigE for five years, and 100GigE for two years.
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