Webinar: The Anatomy of a Volumetric Capture System

Volumetric capture involves using digital cameras to capture human performances in real time and to bring them into immersive digital worlds such as the metaverse. This is achieved by using multiple accurately synchronized high-speed cameras to capture the environment from many angles or vantage points and processing the captured data to form a 3D avatar of the subject that can be viewed from all angles.

As part of a presentation given during a VR/AR Global Summit Online event, John Ilett, president and CTO at Emergent Vision Technologies, describes the anatomy of a high-performance volumetric capture system, including GigE cameras, servers, switches, cabling, lighting, software, and a rig that supports all cameras, lighting, and cables.

As a premier supplier of volumetric capture cameras, accessories, and software, Emergent works with numerous tier 1 companies to create capture studios and laboratories with as many as 250 cameras. Check out this webinar to learn how our solutions can help with your volumetric capture projects.