Welcome to the New Era of High-Speed Imaging for Metaverse Applications

Our high-speed, high-resolution GigE Vision cameras can bring your metaverse system to life.

High-speed imaging software for VR/AR

Figure 1: With eCapture Pro software, advanced users can create 3D models for use in Unreal Engine.

The metaverse – in short – is the internet in 3D. It involves incredibly fast applications that create immersive digital worlds limited only by the imagination. Creating a metaverse requires high-quality 3D content generation, and Emergent Vision Technologies has established itself as a one-stop shop for building volumetric capture and metaverse stages, offering high-speed camerassoftware, and consultative services.

Metaverse stages – or volumetric capture systems – use multiple high-resolution, high-frame-rate cameras to capture video, which is then processed and reconstructed in software and integrated for playback by a variety of applications, such as Unreal Engine and Unity. At a high level, metaverse stages are comprised of cameras, servers, switches, and cabling. Servers, switches, and power sources sit outside the stage — often in a server room — for less stage clutter.

Companies need robust, high-resolution, and high-frame-rate cameras. Emergent Vision Technologies provides award-winning 10, 25, 50, and 100GigE cameras ranging from 0.5MP to 100MP, with speeds up to 1594 fps. Our compact, lightweight cameras offer IEEE 1588 PTP synchronization and can cover any cable length, which is often an important factor in camera choice, as indoor rigs can be as large as 50 m in diameter.

Figure 2: High-speed cameras from Emergent Vision Technologies target applications such as volumetric capture, virtual reality, machine vision, and referee assist.

Figure 2: Our high-speed, high-resolution GigE Vision cameras can take your volumetric capture metaverse stages to new heights.

Software development represents the most challenging and time-consuming part of metaverse and volumetric capture system integration. Emergent Vision Technologies also offers eCapture Pro software for near turnkey integration. The software makes it easy for advanced users to work with the raw images at this stage or use the software’s tools for 3D model creation for use in Sketchfab, Unreal Engine, or Unity.

As part of our presentation given during the December 17 VR/AR Association Metaverse event, our eCapture Pro software is shown capturing 12MP raw images at 60 fps and 212 Gbps in a single PC in a mini stage comprised of 36 10GigE cameras. Demo highlights include 0% CPU utilization, minimal memory bandwidth utilization, an example of a point cloud and textured models from captured images as viewed in Sketchfab, and an example of an image imported for us in Unreal Engine.

Emergent Vision Technologies has worked with customers on metaverse systems in a variety of scales. If you can dream it, we can help build it.

>>>Watch our December 17 Metaverse presentation here.

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High-Speed Imaging for Metaverse Applications

Figure 3: In addition to Unreal Engine, users can generate point clouds and textured models from captured images in Sketchfab.